Oops Away! - Pet Odor Remover - 2 RTU Quart Spray Bottles

OOPS AWAY ! This product is perfect for use in the house on Carpet Stains and Pet Odors. It is effective and completely Harmless To Children and Pets. Oops Away! eliminates odors and will clean and deodorize any organic stain in carpet and fabric left behind by children or pets. IT IS SAFE! There are no harsh chemicals or powder residue to linger behind that may become airborne during vacuuming and pollute the air. Oops Away! is especially formulated for the removal of protein, blood, mucus, feces, urine, albumin, fat, etc. It is extremely effective in eliminating the offensive odors and stains from cat or dog urine. Use it to deodorize kitty litters and pet bedding. Will not harm or discolor carpets. When treating the problem area, wet thoroughly to allow penetration down to the pad so it can remove odors where they originate. Oops Away! is often the choice of veterinary offices and kennels to clean and deodorize glassware, plastic, pet food dishes, bowls, cages, and other equipment associated with a veterinarian?s office. Oops Away comes in Ready To Use quart (32 oz) spray bottles.

Oops Away! - Pet Odor Remover - 2 RTU Quart Spray Bottles
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